A site dedicated to what started out as a Christmas present for my son, and grew into my hobby.

It is a money pit that consumes many hours of weekend and late night building, but all in all is a most challenging and rewarding pastime

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Withy Grove Junction

To create the brickwork effect, brick red enamel was “dabbed” on to the brick faces using a small piece of pan scourer, so that the paint wouldn’t go into the mortar joints. Other colours of enamel were applied using the “dabbing” technique to bring the brick work to “life”.

Roof tiles were cut from some discarded wooden blinds. Each tile was then glued on to the 3 roofs and painted with grey enamel primer

Lead flashing was created using an empty tube of tomato puree. The tube had both ends cut off and then cut down the seam and flattened out. Using emery paper and a bit of “elbow grease” the product markings were removed from the metal sheet.

Roof ridge tiles are made from 10mmØ aluminium tube, cut to length and then cut in half length ways. The ridge tile joints are made from “metal putty”.

The chimney pots are made from copper microbore tubing I had in the garage. The tops of which are filled with metal putty to prevent rainwater from entering.

Lighting is provided by using two Massoth coach lighting strips for the internal lights and a further Massoth lighting strip is used to supply the power to the two external lights over the doors of the station.

The lights over the two doors are made from plastic end stops for tubing from B&Q.

All interior joints from the walls to the roofs have been additionally sealed using clear silicone sealant.

This building was donated to a newly rebuilt Garden Railway after the 2008 G Rail event (Mike Duffy’s Lazy Grange Bay Mk III).

Note:- This country station model was awarded the winner of the scenic items category at G Rail 2008 and also winner of the Mike Longden Memorial Cup for model of the year  - 2008